Custom Oil Cartridge

We now offer custom cartridges! A great way to increase the eye appeal of your product long after the original packaging has been disposed of. A professional and great marketing tool, these custom cartridge will put you a step above your competitors.

  • Upload Vector File Of Logo Or Design
  • Accepted file types: ai, eps, pdf.


Step up your cartridge game to the next level with a Custom Oil Cartridge. Vape cartridges are very popular within the industry. Make yours stand out from the competition by placing your logo directly on your custom oil cartridge, opposed to just the packaging that will be removed, ensuring your brand logo is seen for the life of the product.

  • Minimum of 2 colors.
  • Cartridges that can be customized:
    • 0.5ml & 1mL CCells
    • 0.5ml & 1mL V1 Liberty Cartridges
    • 0.5ml & 1mL V5 Liberty Cartridges

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